"maybe on earth
maybe in the future"

This is the story currently serialized in Afternoon Monthly (Kodansha), a japanese manga compilation thing, geared to a more adult audience of men and women in their 20s and higher. (aka. the big telephone book of comics). It is written and drawn by Tsutomu Nihei. It now has 9 tankubons in the Japanese version.

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It seems that as the months pass, and all sorts of real life things hit, I've come to lose interest in maintaining this site. I'll keep it online because it was once one of the larger english language BLAME! sites out there (are there more now?) and there seems to be a number of folk still visiting. Some of the information is dated, but a large bulk of it is still good. To meet with fellow BLAME! fans, Heeen has a wonderful forum here which she created to replace Heavy Industry as network54 proved to be a pretty terrible service. It's an english language board, but many of the members are proficient in more than just english, so I hope that you can find some enjoyment/fun/comfortable space there.

As a final bit of news, here's a link for Tokyopop's English language version of BLAME! So it's finally being translated for US audiences. :)

---krum you can reach me at info (at) studiokrum.com for questions and comments, or ask the kind people at Heeen's forum.

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